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RICH1 rings

First Cerenkov rings (August 2009)

first (two) rings produced by Cherenkov light emitted by cosmic particles in the two radiators of RICH1 have been observed.

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LHCb preparation for the LHC restart (August 2009)

LHCb preparation for the LHC restart (expected in November) is progressing very well.

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Teachers at LHCb (July 2009)

37 school teachers from all over the world visited CERN to participate in the High School Teachers programme.

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Computer images of the first beam through beam through LHCb

LHCb catches a glimpse of the LHC beam (June 2009)

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The LHC's anti-clockwise beam transfer system was tested over the weekend June 6-7, 2009. Particle bunches were sent from the SPS through the transfer line towards the LHC where it intersects just before the LHCb cavern.

The beam was sent down the 2.8 km transfer line and stopped just before reaching the LHC tunnel with a ‘beam stopper’ (known as a TED) - 4 m of graphite that is physically placed in the path of the beam line to prevent the beam from taking the last step into the LHC.

Part of the LHCb detector was turned on during the beam test, and the teams managed to catch a glimpse of the secondary particles produced when the beam hits the 'beam stopper'.

The picture shows the tracks reconstructed by the LHCb Vertex Locator (VELO). The particles passed through the LHCb detector in the reverse direction, i.e. passing first through the muon stations and then emerging through the VELO detector.

VELO TED run June 09 event movie

Events (see here) observed in the two halves of the Vertex Locator VELO during this test. The vertical lines show the position of the VELO modules with points showing particle impact distance from the LHC beam line multiplied by 8. Yellow lines show the reconstructed particle trajectories. Particles were moving on straight lines, the observed track curvature is the effect of projection on the display plane.

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Angels and Demons (May 15, 2009)

In the movie Angels and Demons the Illuminati have stolen antimatter from CERN in order to destroy Vatican. But what is antimatter? Is is real? Is it dangerous? What is CERN?

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2008 Physics Nobel Laureates

Nobel Prize in Physics (October, 2008)

Laureates: Yoichiro Nambu, Makoto Kobayashi, Toshihide Maskawa.
The LHCb Collaboration is deeply grateful to the laureates for having prepared a precise theoretical framework in which we will try to understand why matter dominates over antimatter the Universe.

2008 Nobel Prize Lectures: Nambu, Kobayashi, Maskawa

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Computer images of the first beam through beam through LHCb

First beam day (September 10th, 2008)

As the beam of protons made its first full circuit of the LHC, the experiment's detectors recorded the exciting moment: the cherenkov detectors RICH1 and RICH2, the muon chambers and a high resolution animation showing the splash of particles at 25 nano-second intervals.

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Cosmic success at LHCb (April 2008)

For the first time the LHCb team has measured cosmic rays hurtling through three of the experiment's subdetectors simultaneously, selected by muon triggers.

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A symphony of data (February 2008)

For the first time, the LHCb control room team managed to extract a symphony of data from an almost complete ensemble of LHCb detectors.

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